Estrella Garland

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Colorful three-dimensional handmade paper stars. Paper is made by Prokritee women artisans from water hyacinth, a common weed clogging waterways in Bangladesh, and silk. 60 in. l, stars: 1 3/4 in. diameter. 

Prokritee was established to develop the social and economic capacity of rural, disadvantaged women in Bangladesh. In a country where half the population lives in poverty, women suffer the most. Prokritee's income-generating projects provide needed opportunities for women who are widows, single mothers, or heads-of-household with little or no income.

They currently run eight handcraft enterprises which provide work and income for hundreds of women throughout Bangladesh. By providing jobs for women, Prokritee is able to improve their standard of living and help them send their children to school. Prokritee was formed by the Mennonite Central committee (MCC) in 2001 to manage the handicraft enterprises that were begun as part of their Job Creation program. Prokritee, now an independent non-profit organization, provides training, design assistance, and finds markets for the handmade paper, jute, hemp, and natural fiber products made by the women.

Prokritee, which means 'nature" in Bangla, places strong emphasis on working with sustainable, natural materials.