Blossom Basket

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Weavers from a women's organization in Uganda hand weave this beautiful floral patterned basket. 3" h x 12" diameter.

NAWOU, The National Association of Women's Organizations in Uganda, is a non-governmental organization representing women's groups in Uganda. The goal of NAWOU is to improve the status and living conditions of women in Uganda and to make women self-reliant. In addition to running income generation projects, NAWOU is also involved in micro credit, information and research, advocacy, and lobbying for women's rights.

NAWOU's handcraft project supports 70 women's handcraft groups, representing over 1,000 women. With the income earned from making handcrafts, the women provide needed resources to their families. Having a sustainable source of income has not only improved their self esteem and confidence, but has also enabled women to cope with social economic issues and has given the women a stronger voice in their families and communities.

Earning their own income has meant that women are able to make decisions and be less dependent on men for accessing their basic needs like food, shelter, health and education for their children. Serrv has been working with NAWOU since 1996, supporting women artisans through the purchase of their crafts.